I’m 27 years old, newly married, and studying to become a teacher. When I’m not in classes, doing homework, or job-hunting, I’m usually writing a mystery novel, reading up on Christian history and theology, or playing video games. I have a BA with a concentration in Natural Science and an MA in Linguistics. I currently live in Southern California, but I grew up in the Puget Sound area of Washington State.


The internet had just started coming into its own when I was a teenager, when I first started investigating religion. A new website had just been launched called Beliefnet, and at the time it was a wealth of basic information regarding many of the world’s religions. Personal websites were cropping up all over the place, and eventually blogs became the thing. While I went on to do proper research, I still come back to these personal accounts of religious experiences. Research is something I’m pretty good at. Reading academic literature was always interesting to me. What I struggle with, ten years after beginning this journey, is learning how to stop being the distant researcher and start being someone who just lives her faith. I blog so that I can connect with others who are doing exactly this, and so that I have a place to explore the issues of being a convert and an introvert.


Other than what you see here, most of my professional writing has been copy (i.e. uncredited). What I enjoy writing the most, however, is fiction. Lately, I’ve been particularly interested in writing mysteries, and am working on one that takes place in my hometown. I may post about this from time to time, because while what I write is not overtly “Christian” fiction, writing is nonetheless a spiritual endeavor for me.


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